Simon Bramhall, a liver surgeon who left impression in patient's liver.

Surgeon Banned for “Autograph” in Patient’s Liver

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United Kingdom, BBC : Liver Surgeon Simon Bramhall has been banned after leaving initials on two liver transplant patients.

Simon Bramhall, 53, committed the offences at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital in February and August 2013.

He denied the more serious charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm – a plea which was accepted by prosecutors.

Simon use an argon beam which is used to stop livers bleeding to burn the surface of the liver to sketch out the area of an operation.

It is not believed to have been harmful to the liver and the marks normally disappear.

In one case it appears the organ was already damaged and as a result did not heal itself in the normal manner, allowing the marks to be seen.

Bramhall, who came to attention in 2010 when he transplanted a liver saved from a burning aircraft into a patient, was suspended when the branding was discovered by another surgeon.

‘Disregard for feelings’

Mr Badenoch said it had been a “highly unusual and complex case, both within the expert medical testimony served by both sides and in law.”

He said what Bramhall had done was not isolated and required\”some skill and concentration”.

“It was done in the presence of colleagues” ,he said.

His actions were carried out “with a disregard for the feelings of unconscious patients”, the prosecutor added.

Bramhall resigned after a disciplinary hearing with University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust in May 2014.

Speaking to the BBC after his suspension he admitted he had made “a mistake“.

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