Why should pregnant women avoid cat ?

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Cat litter can transmit a parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

This parasite can transmit through fecal -oral route ( feces matter of cat taken into mouth through contaminated food or fingers )

If a women gets infected for first time in pregnancy then she will probably be asymptomatic. But the parasite may transmit into baby vertically leading to miscarriage , still birth or birth defect to the baby.

Cat can transmit Toxoplasma which can cause several birth defects in baby.

Bit if the women is already infected with toxoplasma before pregnancy then she is immune to infection.

If you have indoor cat which feeds only on what you provide and doesn’t eat mouse , then it isn’t infected with parasite.

In a bright side, cat which are infected remain infective for few weeks and become immune to infection. Such immune cat won’t transmit toxoplasma.

But it is always better to take necessary precautions in pregnancy even if risk is low.

What should you do ?

Pregnant women should stay away from the cat litter .

Cat litter should be handled by her partner or neighbor. While handling cat litter, mask and gloves should be used.

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