Should marijuana be legalized ?

Should weed be legalized in Nepal?

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There is a huge debate going on regarding legalization of marijuana . Let’s look concisely at both sides of the debate to understand the real scenario . Let’s look at the health effects first.

Effects on Health

Let’s start with comparisons . Alcohol, cigarate and tobacco are the legalised drugs in our himalayan country but we may get arrested for having even few grams of weed.

A 2015 Study published in Scientific Reports has shown that alcohol is about 114 times deadlier than marijuana . Marijuana was found to be less deadlier than alochol and tobacco.

Alcohol damages our brain cells but study has shown that marijuana has some neuroprotective anti-oxidant effects.

Alcohol has been associated with various cancers of esophagus, colon, lungs, pancreas, liver and prostate but marijuana use hasn’t been conclusively associated with any form of cancer.

A research by Donald Tsuhkin has shown inconclusive evidence in association between smoking weed and lung cancer. Marijuana consists of several polycyclic aromatic compounds which can cause cancer but the active ingredient of marijuauna THC is found to be antitumoral.

Overdose death are very common in alcohol abuse but death due to marijuana overdose aren’t reported yet.

Alcohol is associated with violent crime, domestic violence, agressive behaviour but study suggests that marijuana reduces the likelihood of violence during intoxication.

Alcohol is more addictive than marijuana.

Marijuana is used as medicine to reduce chronic pain, nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy and multiple sclerosis patient.

Thus we can easily see that marijuana is safer and better than alcohol in many aspects.

Severe effects of marijuana on Health

Short Term Effects : Marijuana over activates various parts of brain. It makes you high. Short term effects on brain after taking weed are : Altered sense ( brighter colors and louder sounds , sense of time is lost, mood changes, difficulty in thinking and problem-solving ,impaired memory, hallucinations and delusions can occur in high dose. Psychosis is associated with regular high dose use of marijuana.

Long term Effects : Marijuana affects your brain development. Research has shown that marijuana use has been associated with decline in Brain development .

The IQ and cognitive ability was found to be decreased by marijuana use.

Studies have shown that marijuana use usually during the teenage years can cause schizophrenia .

Heavy chronic users may shown Cannabinoid Hyperemesis syndrome which causes severe nausea , vomiting and dehydration that may require immediate medical attention.

Is weed healthy ? Absolutely not. Weed is dangerous addictive substance. We shouldn’t suggest weed as a healthy practice.

Are only healthy stuff legalized in the country and world ? Alcohol, tobacco , smoking, vaping all are legalized but are dangerous to our health.

Even healthy looking soft drinks are addictive and harmful to our health. Instagram has been found to be addictive and associated with teen depression.

Should weed be legalised ? As already stated , Instagram is addictive and can cause depression, but it doesn’t mean every insta user should be sent to jail .

Weed isn’t healthy but the assumed deadly health impacts of weed are hugely inflated. So, weed should be legalised .

Benefits of Legalization

Legalisation of weed will reduce the expense of nation wasted in weed control. The time spent by our police department in searching for individuals with few grams of weed can be spent in better propose.

The economic side of weed legailsation is also promising. Local farmers can make good earning from weed farming.

Our climate is suitable for weed cultivation, so we can export weed to the world. I can sense future enterpreneurs in this weed sector soon marketting for the local weed products.

The government can make good tax returns from weed legalisation. In the end, money is a key factor.

Alcohol, tobacco are legal due to their tax money they aren’t legal because they are healthy .

Marijuana will increase tax collection.

Legalisation will help in rehabilitation of the weed- addict. They won’t be treated a s criminals by the law. But the government can easily embrace them as patients .

I don’t think the day is far when people will be asking for purple haze in a shop infront of security officials.


Weed was criminalised by Nepal Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act, 2033 (1976) on 22 September 1976 under the pressure of United States and International Community. Weed is a part of our culture.

Weed is the holy gift of Lord Shiva . Criminalisation of weed in Nepal was a cultural encroachment in our land by foreign forces.

Time when weed used to be legal in Nepal
Challenges to legalisation

Legalisation of weed will surely put new challenges to our governments. License distribution , cultivation rights and other aspects of legalisation should be carefully stated.

We youths need to make sure that the legalisation process will ensure that the licenses and rights go to local poorer communities rather than to the mafias.

I think all the youths who are vocal about weed legalisaton should be attentive so that mafias won’t be the one enjoying the economic upside of legalisation.

The money must go to the deprived communities. Legalisation will lead to increase use and increase incidence of addiction .

Weed use in teenage may make us lose valuable manpowers of tomorrow. The cases of “high” and drive roadside accidents may increase after legalisation.


Weed is harmful to public health but the potential overall benefits outweigh the risk. So weed should be legalised in Nepal.

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