Rules of Intermittent Fasting

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Many people are trying intermittent fasting for weight loss ,better health and simpler life.

If you are also willing to try intermittent fasting , then you must know the rules of intermittent fasting .

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The major rules that you have to keep in your mind during intermittent fasting is given in a step by step manner:

Rules Of Intermittent Fasting
Rules of Intermittent Fasting

Consult your doctor

Intermittent fasting is not safe for everyone especially children below the age of 18 , women with amenorrhoea and people taking medications .

These people should avoid intermitting fasting unless they get an approval of the doctor.

If such people start intermittent fasting then their body will not get enough glucose throughout the day that will lead to bad consequences.

Choose a Fasting Plan

You can choose the popular fasting plan like 16/8 method and 5:2 method or make your own fasting plan .

16/8 approach is the most common and the simplest plan for many people but your body can be different.

You should try out several types of fasting plan as you like and choose the one that fits you the most. You should remember not to ignore your body. Everybody doesn’t need to have the same fasting plan.

Your body has its own unique requirements . So you should try several fasting plan and choose the most suitable ones.

Listen To Your Body

When doing intermitting fasting ,you may have tough time during the initial days. But if you feel that your body isn’t feeling great from intermittent fasting even after few weeks , then you should start listening to your body.

Intermittent fasting may not be suitable for your body. So you need to be conscious and listen to your body . You should not push your body every time , every week.

Don’t Do “Dry Fasting “

“Dry Fasting “trend is becoming popular nowadays. Here, the individual doesn’t take any form of liquid and solid food in the fasting state.

This is bad for your health. It can cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance , urinary tract infection , kidney stone ,kidney failure and other organ failure.

So you should never try dry fasting. During fasting ,you need to have adequate amount of fluid intake.

You can have any of the following :

  • Water
  • Coffee and tea without sugar

Don’t Binge Eat

After your fasting state, you shouldn’t start start binge eating .

Fasting states should be broken by a small but nutritious food . You should not take heavy meal right after the fasting state.

You should not think that you can eat everything during your fasting state . You need to take right food decisions , reduce the amount of processed food and eat as much natural colorful foods as you can for optimum health benefits.

Eat Right Food

Though intermittent fasting doesn’t say much about what to eat but you need to make proper food decisions for the optimum health benefit .

As already stated ,you should stop your intermittent fasting with a small but nutritious Food.

You should reduce the amount of the processed food and avoid eating sugary beverages .

You should consume as much fruits and vegetables as you can.

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