Immortal Life Of Future..

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Raunak , “Rahul, Have you tried the new pain plugin ?”

Rahul ” No man. What is it about ? I haven’t inserted anything that gives pain . This happy theme has been pretty awesome for me. No pain, sorrow and stress. Why are you looking for the pain plugin anyway ?”

” It has been 145year and 54 days since my last experience of pain. All these years without pain has been tasteless for me . I am sick of it .”, Raunak.

” So you want a real life experience . That’s quite funny .I would never want to feel pain again. When was the last time you felt pain ?” Rahul.

” I had felt pain when I was being uploaded to the system . The doctors told me that they cannot save me. I had severely damaged lungs , kidney and liver . They had told I had only one chance to survive. They told me that I could be uploaded to the new conciousness software. I was pretty scared but it worked. They had put electrodes in my head. That was a horrible experience. “, Raunak

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” Yah everyone had a horrible experience being uploaded in this system. But things have been awesome since then . I haven’t been sad for once throughout these 145 years. I don’t know the names of my grand grand children but things are going good. Fit as 20s , no need to eat. The brains that made this software is a pure genius.” Rahul

Santosh ,” Guys there seems to be a glitch in your chat setting, I overheard you. Anyway I am also going to try this pain plugin . It will feel like the previous world.”

Rahul ,” That’s hilarious. This software has given you everything you had asked in your life . You are immortal, happy, fit, feel healthy and do anything but you want to feel the pain. Shame on you guys. You can change your body as you like, eat anything, buy anything, do anything but you want pain ?”

” This immortality has made me sick of happiness and smile. I don’t know what life is or what life was ? I don’t know if I am alive. I feel like I am just a 20 Gb file in the software. I should sign the application to delete myself “, Raunak.

“Hey dude, that’s too pessimist. You should try another body and get some bachelor degrees up your sleeves”, Santosh.

“I have got 17 bachelor degrees and 15 master’s degree. Is there anything left to study in this world ?” Raunak.

“Why don’t you study about the outer world ? World outside the software? You can hire an physical body for few weeks if you want to .” Rahul

Raunak ,” I am scared. This process is new. What if the software cannot transfer me properly into the body ? What if I get lost in real world ? I can’t take these risks “

Santosh , ” That’s hypocrisy. You just said that you would ask for your own deletion from the software but you won’t go to outer world due to fear of death. These more than 200 years of life hasn’t been enough for you ?”

Rahul(chuckles),” Everyone wants to live .That’s the truth. I am going to date with a hot girl now. You guys keep chirping “

Raunak,” Rahul, you know that the girls are just bots of software. So why wasting time on them ?”

Rahul,” It doesn’t matter where they come from until they feel real.”

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