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Does size matter ?

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This is a prehistoric question. An age old question roaming in head of almost all men in some part of their life. But the answer isn’t that simple . Let’s find out.

We men overestimate the average size of penis. Research has shown that 85 percent men overestimate the average size of penis . So men guess their tool being smaller than the average.

Average penis length is about 12.95 cm to 13.97 cm long .

What she feels?

The sensitive erogenous spots for female pleasure are clitoris and the G-spot are easily reachable even to smallest of penis. The G-spot is located only in lower one -thirth of length of vaginal wall. So one can easily access the required courtyards to make pleasure in bed.

Some female prefer large penis but it’s like preferring pineapple to mango. Both have their own taste and some prefer one over another due to their own choices. Most female are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis .

But penis width plays a major role. Wider penis gives better “containment” feeling to women rather than a long skinny penis. If you feel like have a small width, you can easily try various toys like rubber and latex rings to give your partner feeling of containment.


Penis size doesn’t matter. It depends more on how you use it rather than how much you have. A skilled man makes pleasure manually ,orally and sensually . His penis size isn\’t determining in the pleasure being produced in bed.

It depends more on your act . The more busy you are, the better it gets.

If you are still feeling low about your penis size, then keep in mind that larger penis size have higher chance of injury and greater chance of infection during sex.

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