Can Love bite Cause death ?

Can Love-bite cause death ?

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If you are wondering if love bite (hickey) can cause death then you have come to the right place.

Yes , love bite can cause death but the chances are very very low. Only few handful cases are recorded yet. One of those case, is of a Mexican teen who died due to stroke caused by hickey in 2017.

Can love bite cause death ?
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Cause Of Death

Hickey is formed when a person sucks or bites on another’s skin causing the blood vessel to burst and leaves a red bruised like mark on the skin.

Cause of death in Love bite.
Death is usually due to stoke or heart attack.

When your partner sucks on and bites your skin, the pressure breaks little blood vessels under the surface. Those broken vessels release tiny spots of blood called petechiae.

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A collection of these blood spots forms a larger dark spot, which is basically a bruise . The bruise may change color over time from red or dark purple to yellow.

Cause of Death In love Bite : The escaped blood forms a clot . These blood clot in rare condition may travel in the internal carotid artery to reach the brain where it can cause stroke and death. These clot may even travel to heart causing heart attack.

But you shouldn’t be afraid. The chances of these cases are very very low. So you can freely enjoy this act of love.

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